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An Introduction

Stepping up from the primary use of being a mere warmer, shawl is one of such garment that also finds usage in protecting our clothes from the harmful weather conditions like heavy wind and fog. Shawls are considered to be the accessories that catch attention without compromising the comfort factor. Keeping the love of women for shawls since time immemorial, we, Chawla Weaving Mills came into existence to offer them endless choices of vibrant colors, quintessential designs and patterns. The winter collections we offer includes Designer Ladies Shawls, Cashmilon Shawls, Kani Shawls, Woolen Shawls, Jamawar Shawls, Acrylic Shawls, Embroidered Shawls, etc. Apart from variety of shawls, we also offer our people Ponchos, Stoles, Arbi Rumala and Suits. As a manufacturer of impeccable winter collection, we aim to protect wearers from harsh winter along with optimum comfort.

Why Our Products?

The garments that we offer are popular due to their high level of versatility; as Stoles, Ponchos and Designer Ladies Shawls cover everything and are perfect to be worn not only in the winter season, but any other season just with a change of fabric. Moreover, the best features of these garments are that these made using soft comfortable wool, come in one free size which can fit to all and these can be easily paired in different ways and are an ideal travel item. Furthermore, the availability of varied color combinations, designs and patterns make these an affordable gifting option to near and dear ones.

Why Chawla Weaving Mills?

The quality of our Arbi Rumala, Suits, etc. has helped us gain a niche in this competitive marketplace. Several reasons that make us a brand worth choosing over our counterparts are as follows:

  • Quality work: At our company, every employee works harder by following all the rules and regulations to achieve the best results in the form of our products.
  • Pricing structure: High on quality and low on prices, this makes our products highly demanded in many retail outlets and fashion stores.
  • Weaving technique: We follow the best weaving techniques at our unit, to produce the garments of highest quality.

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